Alydia Wever

Descending (detail) van Alydia Wever (foto Ryan Oduber)

Descending door Alydia Wever

Over het werk

90 x 60 cm
Foto op Acrylglas met aluminium frame

“Both archaeological and historic evidence suggest that just as the Caiquetíos were approaching the pinnacle of their cultural development, their way of life was disrupted by the arrival of the Spaniards. The Spaniards destroyed their culture on Aruba, culminating ultimately in 1515 in the killing and/or deportation to Hispaniola of the aboriginal Caiquetíos of the island. This act of cultural genocide marks the unfortunate end of the Ceramic Period on Aruba.”
– Reference from the Publications of the Archaeological Museum of Aruba 10, The Archaeology of Aruba: The Marine Shell Heritage 

Over de maker

Moving through life as if it’s a well orchestrated performance.

Alydia Wever is a distinctive multidisciplinary Aruban artist that carries many different influences from languages to dance forms to life experiences. Her mission is to create freedom in expression through her Art Performances and Multidisciplinary Productions. 
Her work also includes collaborations and cultural exchanges with visual artists from Aruban, Curaçao and Caribbean-Dutch origin, but also from Central America and North America. This from the point of view of both a producer and an artist. To ensure a better common understanding of the meaning, importance and value of this international multicultural heritage. Also the importance of its artistic diversity within the historical, geographical and cultural background of the Dutch Caribbean heritage and the diaspora. Wever creates an exquisite tapestry of timeless movements, poetic imaginary, and contemporary style.

 ‘Tropical Enlightenment’; Humanity could improve through rational change’- It feels as if this illusion created by humanity, is needed to be reasoned with and to be understood through this process of shock and lack of identity.

Recent exhibitions: Miami New Media Festival 2022-2023, Aruba Art Fair 2022, October, San Nicolas Aruba, Senses and Soul with Jessica Skowroneck by Galerie SANAA, September, Art Utrecht/ Rondje Singel Beeldende Kunst September 11th at Voormalige Gevangenis Wolvenplein, Utrecht, NL. ANTIFRAG-ISLA art installation, But s/he indorsed the sheen by Sirius_initiative, in July at Vrijpaleis, Amsterdam, NL & MI NO TIN PALABRA / No Words Available, online exhibition on UNIARTE Platform (2022) . Descending is de inzending van Alydia Wever voor de Open Call EXODUS van het Bijbels Museum en Buitenplaats Doornburgh.