Antonio Jose Guzman

Spheres of Fire door Antonio Jose Guzman

Spheres of Fire door Antonio Jose Guzman

Over het werk

8 x 3 meter
Organic Indigo Block Printed Textiles


Spheres of Fire explores the multiple ways in which migration contributes to the imagining, questioning, subverting and reframing. This, not only of territories, but also of communities and nations.  The project focuses on politically divided, historical and contemporary socio-political contexts. 

Spheres of Fire researches tactile objects that entice viewers to cross different time zones, unexplored worlds and realms; bringing us into what Guzman calls time travel perceptions. Investigating abstraction and dimensionality in times of migration and how this diasporas has been shaped since the times of Moses.

The work consists of indigo block printed textile banners. The textile sculpture is made up of geometric patterns. These patterns are interwoven with the abstract matrix of intercultural DNA sequences. The sequences embody a global connection between different cultures. The various elements in the installation refer to history, future and melancholy. On the other hand they refer to invisible bodies, loss, despair and hope. 

The installation is haptic and accessible, a window door that you can enter. The hanging textiles materializes the viewer. The architectural structure is intended to be experienced both optically and physically. This playful and deeply sensory aspect of the installation invites the viewer to become one with the artwork.

Over de maker

For twenty years Antonio Jose Guzman has been researching postcolonial cultural representations of ethnicity and national identity in the Americas, Africa and their relations with Europe. Guzman’s work consists of Indigo black printed banners, installations, paintings, textiles, videos, performances and photographs. They are inspired by DNA, scientific research, migration and transcultural identities. A large part of Guzman’s work is also inspired by Afro-futurism and the book The Black Atlantic by Paul Gilroy.

Guzman exposeert veel. In 2022 had hij groepstentoonstellingen in het Stedelijk Museum, Amsterdam, TextielMuseum in Tilburg,in het Cobra Museum te Amstelveen en bij het CBK Zuidoost.

Spheres of Fire is de inzending van Antonio Jose Guzman voor de Open Call EXODUS van het Bijbels Museum en Buitenplaats Doornburgh.