Hanan Saif

Trapped van Hanan Saif

Trapped door Hanan Saif

Over het werk

90 x 120 x 2 cm
Houtskool en acryl op canvas


The idea behind my concept is about the mutual influence of what I consider my two most important objects (mother and child) and also their relation to the world and how they interact within it. I think this binary is unlimited. However, it’s very restricted what I see as a patriarchal world.

Over de maker

I am a Syrian artist; and I studied at the Hungarian University of Fine Art.  I lived in Damascus in the years of war. Because of that, everything inside me changed. My beliefs, my dreams, and of course my art. And I started to look for a true meaning for everything, for true art.

Coming back from a Middle Eastern background I witnessed the limitation of freedom and rights for women and children. Of course as an artist, it was my concern to point out this issue and present it to the whole world. When I came and lived in Hungary for more than six years, I think that I realized that these limitations are just transforming into another shape but are not disappearing.

I acknowledge that difficulties will be there, no matter what you are or where you are and, in my artworks, I’m very interested in projecting this state of multiple lives. Showing the effect, the trail, the marks and the influence shared between a mother and her child with different interpretation and under different circumstances. 

                                                                                                – Hanan Saif

Hanan Saif had onder andere een solo-expositie in Budapest, The Hungarian University of Fine Art (2020) In Galerie de Pomp in Utrecht exposeerde zij keramieken beelden (2022). Dit deed zij samen met haar man en enkele Oekraïense kunstenaars. Trapped is haar inzending voor de Open Call EXODUS van het Bijbels Museum en Buitenplaats Doornburgh.